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Sarah Gallop

Torre Tagus Warehouse Sale!!!


Its that time again!  The annual Torre Tagus Warehouse sale in Richmond.  50-75% off wholesale pricing (All other times of the year not open to the public- only businesses).

An amazing time to buy gifts for family and friends, or just nice stuff for your self ;) .

We have attached last years flyer, as we cant find the 2013 one online.  But it starts tomorrow Nov 30 at 9:00AM.  See you there!!!photo 1photo 2
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Trust, us, its worth going to.  More than half of our staging items come from Torre Tagus.  Its best to go the day of and get in first thing, as first come first serve.  WARNING!!  This sale is not for the faint at heart!

Here are some pics of the types of products you will see.