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Sarah Gallop

Outdoor Living

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As the days become longer and signs of spring start appearing, many homeowners look into their dismal backyards and long for a time when they will be lush and enjoyable again. Now is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor space so it will be ready to enjoy this summer.

Many homeowners are looking for connected indoor/outdoor living spaces, and these Ladner homeowners are no exception. They have a large uncovered brick patio and a portable BBQ, but are looking for a covered area that will allow them to enjoy their yard in the spring and fall – not just in the summer months.

Creating a covered built in BBQ area that is attached to the house and easily accessible from their main indoor living area will allow them to use the BBQ year round.

As their detached shed was in the plans to be removed, extending the roofline of their family room allows the covered area to blend seamlessly with the existing house. This also gives more coverage over the back patio door and creates enough width for the new built in BBQ to be fully covered.

Creating the new covered dining area off to the side of the yard allows for the existing patio area to be used as a lounge type entertaining space. It also allows for the patio to take advantage of the sun. A natural gas fire pit coffee table would be added to this lounge space for warmth on cooler nights.

Gas patio heaters would be added under the new covered dining area, as well, a 2 sided gas fireplace could be added between the existing family room and the new outdoor dining room.

Lighting would also be added in the soffit of the dining area in the form of potlights and a pendant over the table. Skylights would be installed for natural light during the day.

Low level landscape lighting would be added around the existing patio to provide soft lighting in the evening and to define the patio and garden areas.

Creating different outdoor ‘rooms’ allows for great outdoor entertaining in many seasons. A combination of covered and uncovered areas with heating and lighting allow for comfortable enjoyment and lots of flexibility. To make the most of your backyard this summer, be sure to plan early for maximum enjoyment.


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