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Sarah Gallop

alyannaAlyanna Camaclang, Custom Home Designer

Alyanna participated in drafting and design courses throughout high school. She had an interest in set design, and during her final term project she decided to design a scaled set made of foam board for a future school play. A year later she discovered that the theatre department had used her model as an inspiration for their set. She quickly realized she could take drafting & design further which led her to Kwantlen’s CADD program where she obtained a Diploma in CADD Technologies, with Architectural specialty.

Since graduating, Alyanna has worked in engineering, residential design, and municipal offices. She enjoys the challenging mixture of technical and creativity that comes with designing a house, which is what brings her back to residential design.

Alyanna is expanding her knowledge further by pursuing the Architectural and Building Technology Certificate at BCIT. She is a member of ASTTBC and working towards becoming a Certified Residential Designer.