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Sarah Gallop

angelaAngela Neyman, Interior Designer

Since childhood Angela was surrounded by the design world with her family working in the industry. While off school in the summers, she assisted her father at job sites doing smaller tasks with responsibilities growing as she grew. She not only observed and developed an eye for detail and aesthetics, she also learned how projects came together.

Throughout her schooling art always took a front seat, from replicating van Gogh paintings in grade 3, to her love of sculpture and pottery through grade 12, it was only a matter of time before she found her true calling in Interior Design. After some time spent in biology labs creating realistic drawings of the slides in her microscope, she followed her heart and enrolled in the Interior Design program at BCIT where she completed the Diploma.

Since then, Angela’s passion for art and design is evident in projects she has completed. Working on projects of varying sizes and styles, each one has been unique and a true reflection of the clients she has worked with – all of which are aesthetically beautiful and functional spaces. Working at SGDI, Angela aspires to continue to grow while fulfilling her client’s vision for the homes they live in.