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Sarah Gallop

Lauren-YoungLauren Young, Interior Designer

Lauren’s interior design career began before she ever realized. At a young age she took joy in helping her mum rearrange furniture in their family home, finding new ways to make a room feel comfortable and cozy. She insisted on re-painting her own room time after time from little girl pink through teen-age lime green all the way to a grown up shade of beige. It was a constant discovery and each renovation defined a new stage.

Lauren followed her passion for interiors and architecture to Europe and traveled over 15 countries witnessing some of the most famous buildings in history. She discovered different building styles from various eras and the stories of people that surrounded them. Also, on this trip, came an appreciation for different cultures and histories and the influence they have on how and where we live.

At BCIT Lauren continued her interior design career learning the fundamentals of the field from industry professionals and working in offices through Vancouver. Obtaining a diploma taught her to appreciate the detail and diligence that goes along with the creativity of interior design.

Bringing together youthful interests, travel and formal education has led to Lauren’s understanding and passion towards creating spaces that people can call home. She has learned that people are the best inspiration for their space and the only way to make a space fit its owner is to get to know their style of life.