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Sarah Gallop

Stirling McLeod, Architectural Designerstirling mcleod

Stirling’s passion for home design started in high school. In grade twelve, his first complete house design was submitted for a class competition. After graduating from British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Architectural Building and Technology program, he secured a job in the residential home design industry right away, and has not strayed from this path in his career. Very early, Stirling found a talented mentor. He was given many home design opportunities and refined his design and technical skills in residential design.

Stirling was inspired to start his own custom home design service which proved very successful. He has been involved in the creation of many beautiful custom homes, which has resulted in many award winning projects. His past client’s design projects number in the hundreds. Stirling has encompassed designing and drafting the full spectrum of building styles and types using numerous construction and framing methods related to single and multi-family housing. Working with many builders and tradesmen along the way, he has the added insight of combining creative design form, blended with functionality and efficiency.

His skills include architectural home design, cad drafting, structural design, national building codes and city bylaws, computer programming, photography and the creation of 3D models.

Stirling has a passion for exploring and has travelled the globe. He loves to stroll down foreign avenues studying every nuance of their architectural exteriors; always admiring and searching for inspiration.